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Good news!  Haflinger stock in store 30th June!!!!

 Haflinger slipper felt grey  Haflinger slipper felt red

And other good news...the factory which makes some styles in the town of Lviv western Ukraine is still producing. 

Lviv's population of 79000 is only 70 Kms away from the polish border.  Lets hope all will be safe.

The Waldlaufer winter collection has finally arrived - due 29th June!

Check out the Waldlaufer shoe measuring guide to get the right size shoe fit!

We are now trading under Covid retail guidelines.

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Waldlaufer H-Sonja Mid Rocker 999H03

**Arriving Late May**  The H-Sonja, in smart black Nubuck, black patent and berry metallic leather and a stretch insert across the top in an embossed print, makes the perfect choice for all day active comfort.

The stretch insert is a feature of shoes in the Waldlaufer Orthotritt Range, designed specially to accommodate sensitive feet that tend to suffer from pressure spots and inflammation, as well as misaligned feet or those with bunions. Orthotritt models have a flexible upper so they can adapt to the unique shape of your foot.

The Waldlaufer Dynamic mild rocker soles are the perfect shoes for active days. The effective mild rocker sole is so flexible that you experience a naturally flowing rocking movement. These rocker soles are not as pronounced as our Joya Rocker sole range or say an MBT Shoe (Masai Barefoot Technology). This is more of a gentle rocker which is instantly comfortable, cushions the foot and supports the ankle.

The H-Sonja provides extra cushioning at the heel and forefoot area to help alleviate the stresses of everyday walking and standing. If you are looking for an introduction to a rocker sole shoe that provides cushioning and support but not necessarily the extreme rocking sensation that often accompanies a rocker sole, then this is the style for you.

Width: H
Colour: Black Nubuck and black patent with berry metallic leather
Sizes: 6 to 7 UK








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