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For Swollen Feet
Waldlaufer Kiane extra wide sandal 642001
Popular light weight sandal which accommodates a broad foot.  Has a removable foot bed. Width: K Sizes :4½  to 8 ½ uk Colour : Corda Price : $199
Waldlaufer Monic Velcro shoe 820302
Another shoe option in the M width for those who need extra room due to swelling.  Comes with a single adjustable Velcro strap for easy access. Width: M Sizes : 4 to 8 uk Colour : Corda and i ...
Waldlaufer Merle extra wide sandal 811004
Merle comes in M width, an ideal sandal for those with swollen feet or a broad foot. Width: M Sizes : 3 ½  to 7 uk Colour : Taipei Corda and Taipei Black Price : $199  
Ganter Inge Taupe
If you find the Klara styles are too wide, then Inge, between H and K width, may suit.  Comes with double velcro straps for easy adjustment, fitting and removal. Colour: Black Width: I (Medium  ...
Ganter Klara Black
Have problems with your feet?  Then consider the Klara range, designed with broad feet, swollen feet, bunions or hammer toes in mind.  The use of soft calf leather lining gives the feet of extra co ...
Ganter Klara Taupe
Classed as an extra-depth shoe, ideal for those with sensitive feet and those who have a broad foot or swelling.  The double velcro straps allow for ease of use and easy adjustment should the feet  ...
Calzamedi 0252
Width: M Sizes: 38 to 46 Colour : Black For those who have a swollen foot or can’t bend their foot into a shoe opening. The shoe opens right out to allow for easy access and is light and soft fo ...
Calzamedi 0665
Width: M Sizes : 37 to 43 Colour: Black Great for those with swollen feet and needing a lot adjustment especially if one foot is a lot different in size from the other.
Calzamedi 0633
Width : M Sizes: 37 to 43 Colour: Black Ideal for those looking for a shoe that is easy to put on with a soft upper for swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes or other foot deformities.
Kapstadt 75200
Outdoor Shoe by Varomed.  Airy low shoe for men made of soft Nappa leather.  Velcro part can be completely folded back and allows a comfortable access.  Perfect for swelling and bandages. Colour: Bl ...
Minsk 76140
Outdoor Shoe by Varomed.  Diabetic shoe for ladies made of soft Nappa leather and stretch insert on both sides and inside.  Spacious volume offers forefoot sufficient room. Colour: Black Sizes: ...
Sylt 65810
Outdoor Shoe by Varomed.  Diabetic shoe for women made of smooth soft Nappa leather.  Opening the shoe widely as well as cushioning in the ankle area avoids getting pressure marks during slipping into ...
Tallin 79151
Outdoor Shoe by Varomed.  A sportive prophylactic loafer made from soft Nappa leather with a stretch insert included in the vamp.  Specially design for ladies with bunions and hammer toes but where a  ...
Calzamedi 2090
Width : D Sizes : 40 to 48 Colour: Black For those want a leather look this is a similar shoe to the 2091 but with full leather.
Varomed Florett Slipper - Width R
Varomed are special slippers as they come in extra wide widths L and R, and are ideal for swollen, deformed and injured feet.  They have a very supportive sole.  Easy to put on and remove. Made in G ...
Varomed Parma 60922
Sizes 42-45 Black   Width L Very Light and airy therapy slipper boot during the warm summer period.  Ideal for severe swellings or when wearing bandages.   Can be worn outside if required. The Var ...
Florett Marseille
Marseille is an L width sandal which is idea for those who suffer from swollen feet during the hot summer months.  Made from CoolMax lining to get the feet cool, with a leather outer construction t ...
Goteborg Summer slippers
Summer slippers for hot or swollen feet If you have extra wide feet and swollen ankles and spend a lot of time indoors, then the L width Goteborg is ideal.  The Goteborg has a supportive sole tha ...
Calzamedi 2091
Width : D Sizes : 40 to 48 Colour: Black This is a popular unisex shoe for those who suffer from swollen feet, diabetes, arthritis or just need to reduce pressure on the top of the foot.
Calzamedi 2125
Size: 42 -45 Width: Extra wide An ideal shoe for those with limited foot mobility and swollen feet.  The upper opens right out and has a Velcro strap adjustable to suit the size of the foot.

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