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Waldlaufer Helke 553002
Similar to the Hanni but a bit more closed in for more support.  Once again ideal for people suffering from Plantar Faciitis & Heel Spurs, the rocker sole will gently propel you through the gai ...
Waldlaufer Hilena 582028
Hilena has the velcro adjustment of a sandal with the full, supportive heel of a shoe.  This sandal is perfect for accommodating orthotic insoles.  The upper is made of soft nubuck and the lining a ...
Waldlaufer Hilena 582033
Looking for a different look?  Then the adjustable 4 strap Velcro Hilena is a versatile sandal for this summer party time. Width : H Sizes : 5 to 8 UK Colours: Glitter peltro and Glitter note ...
Waldlaufer Kara 684021
Similar to the Hilena but wider.  The Velcro adjustment is very popular with those with a wider forefoot. Width : K Sizes : 4 to 8 UK Colours: Blue , Black, corda    
Waldlaufer Kara 684090
This Kara slingback is a stylish sandal with open toe and Velcro straps, a leather upper, leather lining and rubber sole for a comfortable fit.  This shoe possesses a super light air cushioned sole ...
Waldlaufer Henni 496510
Henni is a hand stitched lightweight summer shoe.  Perfect if you want a little air to your feet without showing your toes.  Henni is very supportive with its adjustable T-bar Velcro strap and feat ...
Waldlaufer Hassi 399004
The upper is a combination of supple nubuck leather and lightweight mesh in a summery style.  The classic lacing allows a custom fit adjustment, thus ensuring optimum grip.  Inside your feet are sp ...
Waldlaufer Hilvi 519971
Eye catching, lightweight ankle boot which has a water proof liner is ideal for trail walking or just walking the dog in wet grass in the park. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4 - 6 ½ UK Colour : Bla ...
Waldlaufer Ken velcro 633301
Looking for a wide leather shoe for work and be able to fit a full orthotic?   Then try Ken. Width : Extra Wide K Size : 7 ½  to 10 ½  UK Colour : Black Price: $239  
Waldlaufer Hayo trail walker 415901
A great outdoor trail walking shoe with a good sole.  Comes with water proof lining (Tex) to reduce the chances of damp socks on those wet days. Width : Medium H Size : 8 ½  to 11 ½  UK Price ...
Waldlaufer Hanno rocker sandal 484001
This sandal comes with a rocker style sole to make walking easier.  Three velcro straps allow better adjustment and the insole is removable. Width : Medium H Size : 7 ½  to 11 ½  UK Colour :  ...
Waldlaufer Hagen Summer Casual 414003
Smart casual summer shoe with good support. Width : Medium H Size : 8 to 11 Uk Colour : Light Blue Price: $239  
Waldlaufer Helgo 482030
Ladies have all the fun with their rocker shoes so why not the men?  They’re a great option if you need to off-load pressure on your toes or heel. Comes with removable foot bed for orthotics use if ...
Waldlaufer Helgo 482007
Need to off load pressure on your heel or forefoot?  Then the Helgo proves to be very popular due to its rocker sole. Width : H Size : 9 ½ to 11 ½ Colour : Black  
Waldlaufer Hayo 415901
Don’t let the wet wintry days put you off going outside for a walk. The smart Hayo shoe comes with a special water proof membrane to keep your feet dry. Width : H Size : 8 ½ to 11 uk Colour : ...
Waldlaufer Hark 307001
This is a smart causal shoe that is a joy to wear all day. The great looking quality leathers make this shoe stand out from others. Width : H Size : 9 to 11 ½ Colour : Rodi velour /black
Waldlaufer Kai-s K13302
Do you suffer from pressure around your feet from bunions or just extra wide feet?  If so, then the Kai –s is the shoe for you!  The soft stretch panels offload the pressure other shoes might give  ...
Helgo 482030 dynamic by Waldlaufer
Great men's walking shoe with a mild rocker sole to assist with the walking motion.  Designed to off load  some foot pressure on the heel and toe areas and move the weight to the arch of the shoe.  ...
Kai–S Stretch K 13002 by Waldlaufer
Wider last business shoe with stretch soft sides for those with bunions or wider sensitive feet.  Comes with an extra toe box depth with those with higher instep or use a full length orthotic. Width  ...
Waldlaufer Hanno 484001
Hanno men's sandal comes with a multiple density sole for increased flexibility combined with maximum mid foot stability.  It has a removable foot bed with arch and metatarsal support to provide go ...

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