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Waldlaufer Kara 684021
Kara is a poplar K width (Extra wide) sandal with the back in to give extra ankle support. Comes with a removable footbed that will fit your own orthotic if required.  Easy, adjustable Velcro strap ...
Waldlaufer 673K01 Kalinda soft
Kalinda soft is specially designed for those with bunions hammer toes or sensitive feet.  The stretch material moulds around the feet holding the foot on a lightweight sole which gives good arch su ...
Waldlaufer Merle 811004
Merle is a comfortable, everyday sandal especial for those wanting extra width for broad or  swollen feet.  It has soft Nubuck leather uppers, with wide Velcro fastenings across the vamp so they do ...
Waldlaufer Kalisha 667001
Kalisha is ideal for those fitting a standard H width sandal and needing a little more room to be comfortable.  Comes with 2 adjustable Velcro straps with patent leather details giving it that spec ...
Waldlaufer Kiana 642001
Made of natural leathers and Nubuck, these lightweight designs are leather lined with adjustable velcro straps to get that perfect fit you're always looking for!  Every style includes a removable f ...
Waldlaufer Helke 553002
Leather upper combined with cut out design details take this adjustable sandal to a new style level.  Perfect for people suffering from Plantar Faciitis & Heel Spurs, the Helke rocker sole walk ...
Waldlaufer Hanni 448001 Dynamic Rocker sandal
Popular every day or travelling sandal designed to support the natural roll of your foot while helping to redistribute your body weight more evenly.  They also provide excellent support and a broad ...
Waldlaufer Hanni 448002 Dynamic Rocker sandal
Popular every day or travelling sandal designed to support the natural roll of your foot while helping to redistribute your body weight more evenly.  They also provide excellent support and a broad ...
Mimi 812502
An extra-extra wide supportive loafer which is an easy-fit option for those who find bending down to put on shoes difficult. Width: Extra-extra wide M Sizes: 6 to 9 UK (39 to 43.5 Euro) Colour :  ...
Katja Soft K01304
Great supportive work shoe.  Suitable for those with bunions or hammer toes as the soft padded leather puts less pressure on the feet.  Has a removable liner and easy single Velcro strap. Width:  ...
Myriam 813013
A comfortable, casual, smart walker ideal for those with broad feet.  This shoe features a zip for easy opening and closing, and a removable liner. Width: Extra Extra wide M Sizes: 6 ½  to 9 Uk C ...
Kimari 674013
A strong, supportive walker to give all day comfort. Width: Extra-wide K Sizes: 5 to 8 ½  UK Colour : Black  
Klare 640015
A smart, classical style slip-on for those with a broader foot.  Comes with a soft leather upper for extra comfort on the instep. Width: Extra-wide K Sizes: 5 ½  to 9 uk Colour : Black  
Waldlaufer Klare 640004
Another classic loafer in a K width (Extra Wide) for those with a broader foot.   As the upper is soft, it does not put too much pressure on the instep.  The footbed is removable if an orthotic dev ...
Waldlaufer Herina Dynamic 517011
If you enjoy the features of rocker style footwear, then this shoe ticks all the boxes by offering comfort, support and less pressure on the toes, heel and back.  The dynamic sole provides gentle p ...
Waldlaufer Henni 496301
A popular, all day, ultra-lightweight walker with easy opening access including adjustable Velcro straps to secure the foot.  The lightweight sole design provides all day cushioning. Width: H Sta ...
Waldlaufer Hiroko 364023
This lightweight, functional leisure shoe is ideal for many occasions.  The upper is made of high quality leather with airy mesh material.  In addition to a comfortable leather lining, the shoe has ...
Waldlaufer Haruka 345004
The ultra light, mild rocker sole of the "Haruka" shoe is perfect for people suffering from plantar fascilitis, heel spurs, Hallux Limitus or metatarsal pain and unable to tolerate a high profile r ...
Waldlaufer Harriet 431000
A popular, classic loafer with soft leather upper, good heel and sole support with a removable foot liner.  Suits those with a medium width foot. Width: H Standard width Sizes: 5 ½  to 9 UK Colou ...
Waldlaufer Halli 386801
A stylish, quality ankle boot with quilted leather upper and padded collar for additional ankle comfort.  Has a durable Rubflex air-cushion sole, 8 eye lacing for good ankle support and a removable ...

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